Start-up handholding

Start-up : Whatever it takes

A good idea becomes
a good business
with Beehive.

Good Idea -to- Good Business

  • design
  • pricing
  • brand
  • communication
  • funding
  • project management
  • operations
  • development
  • logistics
  • distribution
  • finance
  • IT/system
  • legal

Seeding Success


Where do we want to take the idea Is the idea powerful

Is the idea relevant

We work with the inventor to find spaces that can strengthen the idea


What must we do?

What must we leave?

Making these choices are critical to the success of any start-up – Beehive handholds the Start-up in this area.


What to do, when?

Business is all about compounding. Right inputs at the right time grow exponentially and create a foundation for the future.


Right people.
Right funding.
Right process.
At the right time.

We work together with the inventor to make sure that the start-up doesn’t starve and doesn’t waste.

Engagement Structuring

The engagement scope varies from project to project with duration from 2 years to 5 years with an equity / equity + fee based arrangement.

By the time we exit, we build a driven team to sustain the growth momentum.